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What Exactly is Respite Care?

Did you know that many home health companies, including ABloom Home Care, offer a thing called respite care as part of their services offered? Cool! But…what is respite care?

Respite care is a service designed to provide caretakers of seniors and adults and children with special needs with a regular, scheduled break. A CNA comes into the home to sit with and care for the caretakers’ charge so that the caretaker can feel comfortable going out.

This allows the caretaker time to do what they need to do like run errands, visit friends, go to the doctor/dentist, or just go out, relax, and take some time for their own personal care. There is no prescribed reason to qualify for respite care other than needing time to take a break from the role of caretaker.

Respite care providers will help children with homework, play games with them, keep them entertained, provide dinner for them, and help them with other daily living activities while being medically trained to care for the child’s special needs. They will take adults and seniors on walks, sit and have conversation with them, keep them company, help them with daily living activities, and make sure all their needs are met. This allows caretakers to get a break while knowing that their loved ones are adequately cared for and that the person caring for them is perfectly qualified to handle any and all special needs they may have.

Respite care can be scheduled for once in a while, a few days a week, or everyday. It depends on the caretakers’ needs and schedule. Respite care is meant to be a tool for the caretaker to use when they desire/need it.

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