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Be Prepared: Emergency Kit Basics

Being prepared in emergencies is very important.  It is suggested that every household have some sort of emergency stocks that will provide security and food in the event of an emergency, power outage, blizzard, hurricane, etc. The following are...

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Important First Aid Tips for Seniors

Some of the most common situations in which seniors may need first aid include after falls, small cuts and scrapes, cardiovascular events, and heat or cold related illnesses. The first aid procedures in each of these events tends to be a little...

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Helping Seniors Be Prepared for Natural Disasters

Last month a hurricane rocked the Deep South states, disastrous flooding surprised a portion of Tennessee, and wildfires continued their destructive sweep of our western states. Natural disasters are becoming more frequent and while we all hope we...

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Most Common Vision Problems in Seniors

The following eye ailments are among the top concerns for eye doctors attending to senior citizens.  Regular eye exams can help catch each of these in their beginning stages which can lead to proper treatments meant to stall or prevent vision...

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Caring for People with Vision Impairments

Losing your eyesight is a scary thing.  It is important that you have people you trust around to take care of you and help you make any necessary adjustments as you learn to live in this new way of life.  It is also imperative that the people that...

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Ways to Keep your Eyes Healthy

August is National Eye Health Month!Here are some simple ways to keep your eyes healthy!!!1. Eat lots of deep yellow and leafy green vegetables like broccoli or corn and lots of Omega-3 rich foods like fish and nuts. 2. Keep your body healthy....

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