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Seniors and Social Media

Social media is catching on with the senior generation and they are loving it!

Being isolated at home was one of the most difficult things that seniors have had to deal with over the last two years. Being separated from friends and family and missing out on important events and milestones like weddings, births, and birthdays has driven more and more seniors to connect with their friends and loved one on social media.

Social media sites have been developing different ways for us to stay connected and these features have also picked up in popularity in the past few years. They have become essential ways for us to share our special moments with the people we love. Seniors have been able to stay up to date with and even witness the most important moments of their loved ones lives. While live social media videos are not really the same as being physically present in those moments, they have managed to bridge the gap for many who would otherwise have to put themselves in potential danger in order to attend.

Social media connections have helped many seniors maintain their mental health by allowing them to “hang out” with friends and family through video chats as well. We are now able to call anyone we are connected to on social media and use a live video format to be able to not only hear them, but see their faces in real time. Some television services allow users to host a “watch party” with people they are connected to which allows people who may be states or continents apart to watch a show or a movie together.

Social media has also opened the doors for old friends to search and find each other after decades of disconnection. All a person has to do is type in the person’s name that they are looking for and search it up and if the person is also on social media, they can reconnect. This is a much easier method of searching for someone than the traditional search of the phone book or hiring someone to look for the person.

Many social media platforms have recognized a rise in trend of seniors joining their services and have made things much more user friendly and easy to navigate. They have added new buttons and created better labels for accessing different features. The different platforms have made it much easier for anyone to join, connect, and navigate the different features with confidence and it is all for FREE.

Social media has chipped away at the social barrier of being physically absent and allowed us to connect on a meaningful level even when we are far apart. It’s no wonder that more and more seniors are joining social media to connect and reconnect with people they care about.

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