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How to Help Seniors Maintain a Balanced Diet

With food costs on the rise nationwide, it is important for everyone to maintain a balanced, nutritious diet.  Maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet has been hard for many senior citizens in the past, now it has become even harder and the number...

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20 Fun Summer Activities for All Ages

Do you have a longing to get out and do something, but can't decide what to do? Here are some fun summer activities that everyone can enjoy. 1. Go take a dip in the pool.2. Visit a local garden, like the Sarah P. Duke Gardens or the J.C. Raulston...

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Caring for Someone Who is Grieving

Grief is one of the hardest things that people go through in this lifetime.  It manifests differently for each person and for each occasion.  When a person is grieving, the natural thing for friends and loved ones is to want to help the person...

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Heat Stroke

As the heat of summer creeps in it is important that we shine a light on the issue of heat stroke. There is very little awareness of this problem outside of the medical community, and that makes us all more susceptible to it because we do not know...

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Seniors and Opioid Abuse

Is opioid abuse a real issue for seniors?  Yes, it absolutely is.  Senior citizens have much easier access to pain medication than many other demographics due to the prominence of joint and muscle pain in their bodies.  As we age, our bodies wear...

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What to Look For in a Home Health Care Provider

When looking for some help at home it can be hard to know where to start and what to keep an eye out for. Contracting with a home health care agency can be a scary ordeal for many seniors and a confusing process for people trying to find help for...

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