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October is Mental Health Awareness Month

What is mental health? Is it just your emotions or memory? Is it something that only “crazy” people must worry about? Aren’t most mental health “issues” hereditary? Mental health is defined by the CDC as each person’s emotional,...

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What is Health Literacy and Why Should We Care?

What is health literacy? Health literacy is the ability to receive and understand a diagnosis, know your options for treatment, and then make decisions based upon the knowledge you have.  Health literacy is important for all people young, old,...

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October is Health Literacy Month!

Health Literacy is important, especially for older people and people with long-term disabilities or ailments.  Health literacy is the ability to understand what you are told about your health and make confident decisions about your health care and...

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Assisting in the Event of a Heart Attack or Stroke

It is absolutely imperative when working with senior citizens that you know the signs, symptoms, and first aid procedures if someone is having a heart attack or stroke. ***Remember that for heart attacks and strokes, any number of the listed...

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Be Prepared: Emergency Kit Basics

Being prepared in emergencies is very important.  It is suggested that every household have some sort of emergency stocks that will provide security and food in the event of an emergency, power outage, blizzard, hurricane, etc. The following are...

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Important First Aid Tips for Seniors

Some of the most common situations in which seniors may need first aid include after falls, small cuts and scrapes, cardiovascular events, and heat or cold related illnesses. The first aid procedures in each of these events tends to be a little...

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