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Elder Abuse

We all want the very best for our senior citizens. We try to find the best accommodations, best staff, best services, and best commodities for them. Right?Unfortunately, not everyone regards our elder population with high esteem. There are some...

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Helping a Loved One Live with a Disease

Living with a diagnosed disease, whether physical or mental, is difficult. All the questions and uncertainties that swirl around in your mind. Different people taking pity on you or trying to offer more help than you need or want. Then there's the...

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Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine is growing in popularity among many populations including seniors which is great, but it can cause problems when they do not tell their doctors about their treatments. Alternative Medicine includes a broad spectrum of natural...

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National Medic Alert Month

August is National Medic Alert Month! Medical alert devices have been around for decades. Invented in the 1970s these devices have only been growing in popularity. Their necessity has become more apparent as their history of saving lives and...

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What Exactly is Respite Care?

Did you know that many home health companies, including ABloom Home Care, offer a thing called respite care as part of their services offered? Cool! But...what is respite care?Respite care is a service designed to provide caretakers of seniors and...

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Seniors and Social Media

Social media is catching on with the senior generation and they are loving it! Being isolated at home was one of the most difficult things that seniors have had to deal with over the last two years. Being separated from friends and family and...

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