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Who is Home Care For?

A common misconception about home care is that it caters exclusively to the 55+ years old population. In-home care is actually meant to help anyone who needs some extra help because of a surgery, medical condition, special needs, or age-related difficulties.

In-Home Care provides assistance with a large spectrum of needs including, but not limited to, the following:

Light housekeeping like cleaning dishes and doing the laundry
Cooking meals in accordance with dietary restrictions and recommendations
Assistance getting to and from appointments
Medication reminders and prescription drop off/pick up
Grocery shopping and running errands
Help with activities of daily living, like toileting, dressing, oral cares, and bathing
Assistance or supervision for safety and comfort available 24/7

There are more specialized services offered to different populations as well depending on the level and type of needs.

For children, teens, and young adults who are still in school, care may include things like drop off/pick up from school, assistance understanding assignments, homework reminders and supervision, assistance with achieving goals and milestones laid out in the care plan, after school care, and skill-building exercises in socialization.

For patients who have are receiving hospice services may include keeping the home tidy and neat for visitors, making sure the patient is kept comfortable and presentable, and making sure the patients needs are met by working in tandem with the hospice nurses.

For patients who have just had surgery care may include things like transportation to and from doctor appointments and physical therapy, making sure PT exercises are getting done properly, and helping the patient watch for infection at the site of the surgery.

In home care is customizable care that can be provided to anyone who needs if for however long they may need it. There is no standard package of care because the care plan provided is created by the individual, their doctors, and their family to ensure that each client gets exact what they need.

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