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7 Reasons Why In-Home Care Is A Better Choice Than Nursing Homes

As a son or daughter, it is natural for you to feel worried over the need for assisted living for your aging parents. Seeing the physical strength decline is a normal process of aging. Simultaneously, the risk of accidents and injuries increases due to pain, loss of functions, and the reduced capacity. This calls for dedicated elder care services to help them stay happy, and healthy through those difficult days.

If you are looking for caregivers for an elderly loved one, you have two options – nursing homes and in-home care. There was a time when nursing homes were seen as perfect alternatives for seniors. However, rising cases of elder abuse at long-term residential care centers have led people to rethink choosing them as an option. Fortunately, they have the option of home care services to help aging parents with their day-to-day activities.

You can elect to have a dedicated caregiver assist your aging parent in the comfort of their own homes. While all care is provided through trained caregivers at home, your loved ones will feel blessed to be able to receive the assistance they need all while staying in comfortable, familiar surroundings.

Here are seven reasons why in-home care is always a better option than nursing homes.

#1: Personalized Care

Nursing homes are dedicated facilities with staff trained in the art of senior care. However, one in every four such facilities in North Carolina lacks adequate manpower. Nursing homes struggle with vacancies in “key areas, such as nursing staff, clinical staff, aides, or other staff.” This shortage of trained personnel indicates their inability to provide adequate care to the elderly, who outnumber caregivers.

On the other hand, in-home care allows personalized care. Seniors are provided with one-on-one care and will never have to worry about “waiting for their turn”.

#2: Better Care, More Years To Live

According to a 2018 study, “living on a ward with more residents results in a higher risk of mortality.” Seniors feel more confined there, have long waits to receive care, and are often lead a life of misery due to inadequate attention. This may reduce life expectancy, increase anxiety, and aggravate chronic disorders.

Contrary to this, home care services remain focused on the tailored care of the individual. The caregiver is in the home to provide one-on-one care at all times. Having a single caregiver instead of multiples has its benefits. A personal, one-on-one interaction with a caregiver means a better understanding of hygiene, eating habits, health conditions, behavioral issues, medication, preferences, and other needs.

#3. The Home Comfort

There is no place like home on this earth. According to AARP, the interest group working for elderly rights, three in four seniors would prefer to stay at home and live in their communities as long as possible. Even if a nursing home provides five-star facilities, elders fair better in familiar surroundings.

Selecting in-home care allows you the freedom to live in familiar surroundings close to your loved ones, pets, gardens, and friends in the neighborhood. They have their favorite rooms, memorabilia, chosen furniture, or desired garden views. All this plays a part in keeping them physically and psychologically well. This automatically improves mental health and the quality of life minimizing medical issues.

#4. Reduced Chance of Abuse

A secret camera installed by a woman in a Cherryville nursing home caught the staff abusing her 86-year-old mom. This incident indicates the state of care in nursing homes where overburdened and callous employees often torment the elderly.

This is almost impossible when you consider in-home care. You are at liberty to hire the chosen caregiver. An agency providing such services thoroughly check the background and expertise of the caregivers. Also, staying under your vigilant watch at home preempts any ill motive on the part of the caregiver.

#5. In-Home Care Enables Better Healing

In-home care translates to better care and more attention from caregivers. As a result, seniors cared for at home tend to stay healthier, have faster healing, more physically fit, and free from stress. Researches also back the claim that homestay contributes to better and earlier recovery than staying at a nursing home or residential care facility.

#6: In-Home Care is Superior

In-home care is by far the best choice when looking at options for your loved ones. Elders can get all the required services while staying within the comfort of your home. You have added benefit in the form of cost-saving, customized services, one-on-one attention, and better quality of life when you choose home care services. There is no generic “one-size-fits-all” approach, which is widely prevalent in nursing homes.

#7: Absence of Restrictions

Away from the freedom at home, nursing home rules and regulations add restrictions on seniors. At this stage of life, it is difficult for them to surrender their independence. Staying in a nursing home may limit their ability to socialize and stay in touch with friends. This may force them to adhere to unhealthy actions, which may impact their mental well-being.

When under in-home care, there are no such limitations. Their independence is preserved and respected. They can have their favorite food to eat, TV shows to watch, books to read, and friends to chat or meet. There are no restrictions.

So, before you scout for a nursing home for your loved ones in North Carolina, give in-home care a chance. It offers many more benefits than residential care facilities struggling with staff shortage, inadequate care, and abuse incidents. To find out how to customize your in-home care, contact ABloom Home Care, which serves Alamance, Caswell, Durham, Edgecombe, Franklin, Granville, Halifax, Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Moore, Nash, Northampton, Orange, Person, Randolph, Sampson, Vance, Wake, Warren, Wayne, and Wilson Counties.

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  1. It’s wonderful that you point out that an in-home caregiver can assist an elderly person with their medications. My mother has a hard time remembering to take the medications that she needs, so I’m considering hiring an in-home caregiver for her soon. I’m going to search for a reputable provider of in-home caregiver services in the area to hire.

    • Check out our ABloom Home Care website to see if we might be able to provide the care you are looking for. We provide in-home care services ranging from personal companions to CNAs to RNs. We would be glad to speak with you! http://www.abloomhomecare.com/

  2. Thank you for pointing out that having an in-home caregiver is beneficial to the mental health of an elderly person. I want my mother to have good mental health, so I’m thinking about hiring an in-home service for her soon. I’m going to look for a reputable provider of in-home care services in the area that I can hire.

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