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Tips and Tricks for Eating Heart Healthy

Are you looking to be more heart healthy, but struggling with the leap into a whole new diet? It is hard to jump into a diet full of different, “not-your-favorite” foods especially when the change is necessary and not really voluntary. The best way to make the change is to start with small changes to your current diet like these:
Add an extra vegetable to your plate
Try some different types of salads until you find one that you like
Instead of frying foods, try grilling them
Try changing from sodas and energy drinks to drinks like Crystal Light, real fruit and veggie smoothies, and just simple water.
Try adding some leafy greens to your smoothie or protein shake
Try adding a few more veggies to your plate and a little less meat, cheese, and carbs.
Switch out the steak and cheeseburgers for chicken, shrimp, or fish.
Cutting back on salt doesn’t have to mean eating bland, flavorless foods either. Try these tips for eating healthier without handfuls of salt:
Try adding fresh herbs and spices.
Make your own heart healthy spice mixes.
Marinade your chicken and fish.
Try coconut aminos or mustard to add flavor.
Roast your veggies and meats instead of steaming them.
Add lemon to your food, it is naturally salty and tangy and it is still healthy.
Cook your foods in a little bit of broth.
Eating “heart healthy” doesn’t have to start with leaving everything you love cold turkey or by switching to bland, flavorless foods. Ease into a new way of eating and try to get excited about trying new recipes for your new way of life.  
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