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Keep It Moving!

During the winter months more people are prone to grow less active and more sedentary. Getting outdoors and into nature is almost always the best type of activity for anyone.  However, keeping active when the weather is icy, snowy, or just plain cold can be a difficult task, especially for people who enjoy jogging, going for walks or outdoor sports as their go-to exercise. Staying active is equally as imperative for good health no matter what season we are in. Here are a few ideas about how to stay active when it’s too cold outdoors:

1. Get a gym membership. Some gyms can be really expensive. Some gyms have few senior-friendly equipment and activities. But some gyms are actually rather affordable and senior-friendly. Check with your local hospital system to see if they have any gyms that are open to the public. In the Raleigh area check out these programs:

WakeMed’s HealthWorks
For more information, please call Healthworks at 919-350-8602 (Raleigh) or 919-350-7003 (Cary).

UNC Wellness Center (Meadowmont or North Cary facility)

REX Wellness Center

2. Try a new fitness app. There are so many free fitness apps available on smartphones nowadays. Just go to your app store, type in fitness, and pick the one you find most suits your needs. Many of these apps have exercises and workouts that can be completed at home in the living room or bedroom.

3. Go for a walk at an indoor track or just at the local mall. Getting in your steps is easy if you have an indoor space to walk around. Walking around the mall with a friend, speed walking or otherwise, can actually be great for staying healthy. If you are in a COVID hotspot remember your mask and if you are on a tight budget, leave your wallet at home. Just go and enjoy the walk, enjoy window shopping.

4. Find an indoor pool where you can swim laps. In the Raleigh area the three main indoor pools are Pullen Park Swimming Pool, Buffaloe Road Swimming Pool, and the Triangle Aquatic Center. Call first to find out the cost and the hours, then go out and swim some laps.

5. Try an indoor sport. Things like bowling, rock climbing, cycling, and dance are wonderful ways to get up and get moving.

6. Invest in a virtual reality or Wii game system and some fitness/sports games. These games can be great fun to play with friends, family, or by yourself right in the comfort of your own home.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it is safe for your circumstances and meets your needs to help you stay up and active during the cooler months of the year. Stay healthy!

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