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Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine is growing in popularity among many populations including seniors which is great, but it can cause problems when they do not tell their doctors about their treatments.

Alternative Medicine includes a broad spectrum of natural treatments or at least treatments with fewer chemicals that people use to treat their ailments on their own or with the help of someone who specializes in these treatments. Alternative medicine includes things like diet changes, vitamin and mineral supplements, massage and physical therapy, acupuncture, and CBD treatments.

These treatments can be very effective for many ailments such as anxiety, depression, arthritis, headaches, some people even use them for things like cancer and diabetes. Alternative medicine is typically less expensive for the patient and it is seen as better for the body than the usual pharmaceutical regimen the patient might be placed on. It is also much easier to access for many people, especially people who do not have or do not qualify for medical insurance.

With alternative medicine rising in popularity, it is important to emphasize that anyone receiving/participating in alternative medicine treatments needs to report these treatments to any medical professional that they may see. The medical professionals need to know that a person is going through alternative treatments so that they can factor that in when diagnosing and treating any other diseases. Some alternative medicines can have very negative reactions to regular medications that the doctors might prescribe. Overuse of certain alternative treatments can also cause problems with a person’s health. Sharing the treatments you are using may help explain any abnormal symptoms that they otherwise would interpret incorrectly.

Aside from the safety precaution of sharing any alternative medicine treatments with medical professionals, it can also help them come up with a treatment plan tailored to their patients beliefs and desires, which can make treatment much more comfortable for their patients. If a person tells their doctor they are open to alternative medicine, the doctor can help them find options for treatment that may be more holistic than the prescriptions that they would normally give to a patient.

Always tell your doctor about any medication, even vitamin supplements, that you are taking. They need to know in order to best help you!

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